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It's impossible for me to describe myself in a single paragraph because I'm still trying to find who I am. I'm seventeen and I live in an insignificant city. Sometimes I don't make very much sense but during the time I spend here I try my best. My kitten is actually the devil and I drink too much diet coke.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I can't write

I have a lot I want to say here but something's holding me back. Recently many things in my life have changed and I'd like to write about them because I don't tell others very much. I bottle most things up and when I don't, I regret telling people almost instantly. But I need to get some things out. On my previous blog I was able to write whatever I was thinking, I could be completely honest and not have to worry. Hopefully I'll eventually become that relaxed with my writing here. Perhaps I was able to write so well this morning was because I hadn't slept yet? I generally have a hard time sleeping and when I can't get over I usually end up thinking too much so obviously I'll have more to say.

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JJ Beazley said...

Well, if you want to talk, there's one person here listening.